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Ningbo Lisheng Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is China Outdoor outdoor Solar Flood Light Suppliers and Solar Flood Light exporter, we offer Custom Solar Flood Light for sale. Our factory is located in Ningbo, a very beautiful port city, and was founded in 2006.
The factory, with a scale of 10000 square meters and more than 150 workers, is located in Ninghai County, Ningbo City, and set up a foreign trade office in Ningbo City in 2017.

We specialize in the production of outdoor lights, including LED projection lights, LED garden lights, LED ceiling lights, work light halogen lights, energy-saving work lights, garden lights, bulkhead lights, industrial and mining lights, MH floodlights, flashlights, etc. Most of our products have passed CE/GS, EMC, SAA, ROHS, etc.

Our main markets are Europe, South America, Australia and so on. We are trying to maintain an annual sales growth of 30%. Over the years, we have kept improving its management level and production efficiency, and we have maintained reasonable control over costs and prices, which provides reasonable profit space, and strict and effective control over each process for suppliers and vendors. We, so as provide customers with high-quality products at competitive prices.
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Solar Flood Light Industry Knowledge Expansion

A solar flood light is a type of outdoor lighting fixture that uses solar energy to power its operation. It typically consists of a solar panel, a rechargeable battery, LED lights, and a motion sensor (in some models).

The solar panel, usually located on top of the light fixture, absorbs sunlight during the day and converts it into electricity. This electricity is stored in the rechargeable battery, which powers the LED lights during the night. The LED lights are designed to provide bright and focused illumination, making them suitable for lighting up large areas or highlighting specific objects or features.

Solar flood lights are often used for outdoor security lighting, landscape lighting, or to enhance the visibility of signage, billboards, or flags. They are popular because they are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and don't require complicated wiring or electrical connections. Solar flood lights can be easily installed in various outdoor locations, such as gardens, pathways, driveways, yards, or commercial spaces.

When selecting a solar flood light, consider factors such as the brightness of the LEDs, the size of the solar panel, the capacity of the battery, the range and sensitivity of the motion sensor (if included), and the overall build quality. It's also important to ensure that the solar panel receives sufficient sunlight during the day to charge the battery effectively, so consider the placement and orientation of the light accordingly.

Remember that technological advancements in solar lighting are continually evolving, so it's always a good idea to check the latest options and features available in the market.