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Ningbo Lisheng Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is China Outdoor outdoor High Power flood light Suppliers and High Power flood light exporter, we offer Custom High Power flood light for sale. Our factory is located in Ningbo, a very beautiful port city, and was founded in 2006.
The factory, with a scale of 10000 square meters and more than 150 workers, is located in Ninghai County, Ningbo City, and set up a foreign trade office in Ningbo City in 2017.

We specialize in the production of outdoor lights, including LED projection lights, LED garden lights, LED ceiling lights, work light halogen lights, energy-saving work lights, garden lights, bulkhead lights, industrial and mining lights, MH floodlights, flashlights, etc. Most of our products have passed CE/GS, EMC, SAA, ROHS, etc.

Our main markets are Europe, South America, Australia and so on. We are trying to maintain an annual sales growth of 30%. Over the years, we have kept improving its management level and production efficiency, and we have maintained reasonable control over costs and prices, which provides reasonable profit space, and strict and effective control over each process for suppliers and vendors. We, so as provide customers with high-quality products at competitive prices.
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1: Unleashing Powerful Illumination: The Advantages of Tripod Flood Lights
Tripod flood lights have gained popularity as a versatile lighting solution due to their stability, flexibility, and powerful illumination capabilities. In this article, we explore the benefits of tripod flood lights and their ability to provide efficient lighting for various applications.
1.1 Stable and Adjustable Lighting Position
The tripod stand of flood lights offers exceptional stability, allowing users to position the light at the desired height and angle. The adjustable legs and telescopic extension allow for precise placement and coverage of the illuminated area. This stability is particularly important in outdoor settings or uneven terrains, where a steady lighting source is required. The tripod design ensures that the flood light remains secure and steady, minimizing the risk of accidental tipping or falling.
1.2 Wide Coverage and Even Lighting Distribution
Tripod flood lights are designed to provide wide coverage and even lighting distribution. With their adjustable heads, they can illuminate large areas such as construction sites, outdoor events, sports fields, or temporary workspaces effectively. The ability to adjust the angle and tilt of the light allows users to direct the illumination precisely where it is needed, providing optimal visibility and reducing shadows or dark spots. This wide coverage and even lighting distribution enhance safety, productivity, and visibility in various applications.
1.3 Powerful Illumination Output
Tripod flood lights are equipped with high-performance LED bulbs that offer powerful illumination output. These lights produce a significant amount of brightness, ensuring clear visibility and excellent color rendering. The strong illumination is particularly valuable for outdoor activities, night-time construction work, photography, film sets, or any situation that requires ample lighting. The combination of a stable tripod stand and powerful illumination output makes tripod flood lights a reliable lighting solution for demanding tasks.

2: Versatility and Easy Setup
2.1 Portable and Easy to Transport
Tripod flood lights are designed with portability in mind. The tripod stand is collapsible, allowing for easy transportation and storage. The lightweight and compact design make it convenient to move the light from one location to another, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether it's for professional use, emergency situations, or recreational activities, tripod flood lights can be easily transported to the desired location.
2.2 Quick and Tool-Free Setup
Setting up a tripod flood light is a hassle-free process. The tripod legs can be extended or collapsed with ease, and the adjustable head can be positioned using simple knobs or levers. No additional tools are required, allowing for a quick and efficient setup. This user-friendly design ensures that the light can be deployed promptly, saving valuable time in time-sensitive situations or when mobility is a priority.

3: Durability and Longevity
3.1 Durable Construction for Outdoor Use
Tripod flood lights are built to withstand outdoor conditions. They are constructed with durable materials that can withstand impacts, vibrations, and exposure to weather elements. The robust construction ensures that the light can endure harsh environments, making it suitable for construction sites, outdoor events, or other demanding applications. Additionally, many tripod flood lights have an IP65 or higher rating, providing protection against dust and water ingress.
3.2 Long-Lasting Performance and Energy Efficiency
Tripod flood lights are designed to offer long-lasting performance. LED bulbs, known for their energy efficiency and extended lifespan, are commonly used in these lights. LED technology consumes less energy compared to traditional lighting options, resulting in reduced electricity costs and environmental impact. The combination of energy efficiency and longevity ensures that tripod flood lights provide reliable and cost-effective lighting solutions for extended periods.