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Ningbo Lisheng Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is China Outdoor outdoor Regular flood light Suppliers and Regular flood light exporter, we offer Custom Regular flood light for sale. Our factory is located in Ningbo, a very beautiful port city, and was founded in 2006.
The factory, with a scale of 10000 square meters and more than 150 workers, is located in Ninghai County, Ningbo City, and set up a foreign trade office in Ningbo City in 2017.

We specialize in the production of outdoor lights, including LED projection lights, LED garden lights, LED ceiling lights, work light halogen lights, energy-saving work lights, garden lights, bulkhead lights, industrial and mining lights, MH floodlights, flashlights, etc. Most of our products have passed CE/GS, EMC, SAA, ROHS, etc.

Our main markets are Europe, South America, Australia and so on. We are trying to maintain an annual sales growth of 30%. Over the years, we have kept improving its management level and production efficiency, and we have maintained reasonable control over costs and prices, which provides reasonable profit space, and strict and effective control over each process for suppliers and vendors. We, so as provide customers with high-quality products at competitive prices.
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1: Introducing the Slimline Series Flood Light: A Sleek Lighting Solution
The Slimline Series Flood Light represents a cutting-edge lighting solution designed to enhance outdoor spaces with its sleek design and advanced features. In this article, we explore the unique attributes of the Slimline Series Flood Light and its growing popularity in outdoor lighting applications.
1.1 Modern Design and Versatility
The Slimline Series Flood Light stands out with its slim and streamlined design, blending seamlessly into various architectural styles and outdoor environments. Its sleek appearance adds a touch of modernity to any space, making it an ideal choice for illuminating facades, walkways, gardens, and commercial areas. With its versatile mounting options, such as wall-mounted, pole-mounted, or ground-mounted, the Slimline Series Flood Light offers flexibility in installation, ensuring optimal lighting placement for different outdoor applications.
1.2 High-Performance Illumination
Despite its slim profile, the Slimline Series Flood Light delivers impressive illumination. Equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology, it offers a powerful lumen output, ensuring bright and uniform lighting across the designated area. This high-performance lighting solution is particularly valuable for applications such as parking lots, stadiums, outdoor event venues, and security lighting, where visibility and clarity are paramount.
1.3 Energy Efficiency and Longevity
The Slimline Series Flood Light is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Its LED technology consumes significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting options, resulting in reduced electricity costs and environmental impact. Furthermore, the long lifespan of LED bulbs ensures extended operational life, minimizing maintenance efforts and replacement expenses. The combination of energy efficiency and longevity makes the Slimline Series Flood Light a cost-effective and sustainable lighting solution for outdoor spaces.

2: Enhancing Safety and Security with the Slimline Series Flood Light
2.1 Improved Visibility and Safety
The Slimline Series Flood Light offers enhanced visibility, promoting safety in outdoor areas. Its powerful illumination ensures well-lit pathways, driveways, and parking lots, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing personal security. By providing clear visibility, this flood light contributes to a safer environment, allowing individuals to navigate outdoor spaces with confidence, even during nighttime hours.
2.2 Customizable Lighting Solutions
The Slimline Series Flood Light offers customizable lighting solutions to suit different requirements. It can be equipped with various accessories such as motion sensors and dimming controls, allowing for tailored lighting configurations. Motion sensors enable the flood light to activate only when movement is detected, maximizing energy savings and reducing light pollution. Dimming controls provide the flexibility to adjust the light intensity, creating ambiance or conserving energy as needed. With these customization options, the Slimline Series Flood Light offers versatility in meeting specific safety and security needs.

3: Durability and Reliability of the Slimline Series Flood Light
3.1 Weather Resistance and Durability
Outdoor lighting fixtures must withstand challenging weather conditions, and the Slimline Series Flood Light excels in this aspect. Constructed with high-quality materials, it is built to endure harsh outdoor environments, including rain, humidity, extreme temperatures, and UV exposure. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacements.
3.2 IP65 Rating and Protection
The Slimline Series Flood Light boasts an IP65 rating, indicating its high level of protection against dust and water ingress. This rating ensures that the flood light remains unaffected by dust particles and can withstand powerful jets of water, making it suitable for outdoor locations exposed to heavy rain or cleaning processes. The IP65 rating reinforces the durability and reliability of the Slimline Series Flood Light, ensuring consistent performance even in demanding outdoor settings.